Ancient Business, Commerce & Trade

In the ancient world as peoples had eventually begun to establish footholds in the fertile crescent, Nile river basin, along greek coastlines separated by mountains, the Lazio region of modern day italy and the geographic region of the levant as an eventuality these peoples would meet with others. Rather than conquest and take everything or rely upon bartering forever, these peoples instead opted for a more peaceful and orderly way of acquiring goods from one another. So with the ancient peoples business, trade and commerce had sprung into being and adaptations over time became popular in use as a way of interconnecting these kingdoms, cities and empires with others. 

Eventually as interconnectedness had reached a high point and different cities and countries were easily trading with one another this led to them adopting items and ideas from one another such as currency, pots, and arts. With this cultiavted it allowed even greater expansion for business, trade and commerce giving greater opportunities for those wishing to enter. 


Michael Mickelson