Welcome to the Digital Museum of the Ancient World, a collaborative effort of the students in History 305 The Ancient World (Fall 2017) at Northwest Missouri State University.

This site's aim is to show continuity and change in the activities and ideas of the ancient world. For our purposes, the ancient world includes ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, the ancient Levant, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome.




Editors are:

Jared Barnard, a senior Mathematics major

Logan Bethurem, a senior History major

Philip Elsbecker, a senior Music major

Morgan Farrell, a sophomore History major

Brent Martin, a senior History major

Emma Martin, a senior Middle School Education major

Walker McCallon, a sophomore Social Science Education major

Matthew Mejia, a senior History major

Alexander Meyers, a senior History major

Michael Mickelson, a senior International Business major

Jake Mitchell, a senior History major

Parker Schwartz, a sophomore Music major

Abram Shaffer, a freshman Computer Science major

Trevor Stegall, a senior Geography major